be prepared with a natural gas generator

Owning a natural gas generator will provide your home or business with electricity when your utility power becomes interrupted due to snow, ice or high winds. With a natural gas generator installed, you will be able to keep your refrigerator freezer running and not have to worry about losing your frozen foods. If the electrical interruption occurs in winter, a natural gas generator will keep the blower on your gas furnace operating and thus avoid frozen water lines. Even a small unit can help by running an appliance or two along with a few lights.

natural gas generator

A natural gas generator will cost 40 to 50 percent less per hour to run than gasoline powered models. A natural gas generator does not require any fuel to be stored at your home for it’s operation. Natural gas is supplied to the generator from the line that delivers gas to your water heater, furnace and other gas appliances. Models are available in a variety of sizes from 5 KW (KiloWatt) to 60 KW to match your electrical load.

Natural Gas Generator Features:

  • Automatic start: Many natural gas generators offer an option which senses when a failure occurs in your electricity supply. The standby unit starts itself and begins giving you electricity in 30 to 60 seconds. It then monitors the electricity from your supplier and, when it senses that the power is restored, shuts itself off.
  • Weather proof enclosure: The generator sits outside your home in a painted, weather proof enclosure like your air conditioning unit. This cover protects the equipment from rain and snow.
  • Generator engines are manufactured by companies such as Lister-Petter, Misubishi Diesel, Lombardini and Generac. These are the same reliable engines which power industrial machines and other devices.
  • Because we are a factory direct distributor for the engines we use in our generator sets – you save money! Most other generator factories purchase through a distributor such as us – their cost of engines will be higher as a result We offer several different models for your use. Please contact us for our customized personal service.

we’ll help you find the right emergency power generator

The right emergency power generator is crucial during a power outage. The longer the outage, the more important this decision becomes. Should your emergency power generator be fueled by diesel, natural gas or propane (LP)? How large a unit will you need to adequately supply your home, office or business? We can help. Being the nation’s premier manufacturer of electric generators, we have the experience and knowledge that you can depend on when you need it most.

emergency power generator

The correct emergency power generator needed for the job is critical. You may choose from diesel, propane or natural gas and we’ll help you assertain which is most appropriate for your individual needs. Whatever your requirements, we have the industrial / home generator you need.

Because we are a factory direct distributor for the engines we use in our emergency power generator sets, you save money! Most other generator factories purchase through a distributor such as us, their cost of engines and your cost will be higher as a result. We stock enough emergency power generators in our Seattle facility to provide next day delivery of most common sizes. Let one of our sales engineers help you protect your home or business in the event of a power outage with the proper emergency power generator.

be prepared with a quality stand-by generator

A quality stand-by generator can mean having electricity in the midst of a weather-related power outage or not having to drive to work because a failed main generator went down. The right stand-by generator is invaluable in both home and business settings. We sell and manufacture a wide variety of generators for just such needs.


Because we are a distributor for the motors we use in our stand-by generators, we can sell them lower then other manufacturers who must buy their motors from us or another distributor. This saves you money! Selling both factory configured and custom built gen-sets, we can supply you regardless of your need. From home units to large industrial units, we’ve got you covered.

From our state-of-the-art 20,000 square foot facility in Washington, we can ship your stand-by generator rapidly and have your protection in place quickly. Custom builds to your specific requirements are quickly and easily accomplished. Whether Diesel or Gaseous (propane or natural gas) powered, we have the unit you need. With power by Lister-Petter, Mitsubishi, Lombardini, Wisconsin or Generac, we can supply whatever your requirements call for. Our experienced Sales Engineer is available to personally assist you in expediting your stand-by generator order.